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The vision and long term direction of the Tribe of Shabazz, as witnessed in our Sacred Books describes a course guided by:

  1. Serving our God in the highest manner in which we are capable,
  2. Acknowledging and developing our own Divine nature and the Divine nature of one another,
  3. Living in harmony with the members of our families and communities,
  4. Cultivating character in ourselves, our children and practicing virtuous principles in our daily lives,
  5. Preserving and advancing our culture, heritage, traditions and interests,
  6. Building and developing abundance and sharing the abundance of our heart, mind, hands and spirit,
  7. Nurturing and honoring our mother Africa and our brothers and sisters at home and abroad.
These guiding principles are manifest in the lives of tribal members united by our everlasting sovereign right to proclaim, protect, and preserve our heritage, culture and identity as we strive for our common goal: a dignified, prosperous, and harmonious community at peace with ourselves and our neighbors; possessing safe, wholesome, and productive lands, improvements, and structures; having institutions to govern our people, with a vibrant self sustaining economy that will enable our people to live, work, recreate, educate and care for children, honor and assist elders, communicate in our own language, and generally address the diverse needs of our people and our cultural heritage according to our own designs and intentions.

The foundational authority and quintessential spirit envisioned in the Tribe of Shabazz are reflected in our Sacred Books, in the Code of Ma'atian Ethics, and in the Covenant of the Nation of Kemet.

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