Tribe of Shabazz Glyphs
What we want

The mission and long term objectives of the Tribe of Shabazz as received from our Revered Ancestors aims for a people who:

  1. Promote unity of purpose, values, and culture; and strength within our families and communities,
  2. Create educational, vocational, and economic opportunities for ourselves,
  3. Recognize and honor our God, our Ancestors and their gifts, struggles, and sacrifices,
  4. Restore and promote our Sovereignty, Freedom, Justice, and Equality
  5. Protect ourselves from any and all threats to our Sovereignty, Freedom, Justice, and Equality,
  6. Educate ourselves in the wisdom and teachings of our Ancestors and in the unique relationship we have with our God,
  7. Raise our children in the ways of our Ancestors ensuring the passing on of our heritage and legacy to future generations.
This is the mission and work to be carried forward in all generations and in all times as commanded by the Most High God in our Sacred Books, in the Code of Ma'atian Ethics, and in the Covenant of the Nation of Kemet. Let those who hear the voice of the Lord join us and set themselves about the work.

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