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The Tribe of Shabazz credits our survival and our very existence to the supremacy and efficacy of the Most High God, the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of the Universe.Our Lord incessantly watches over us, guiding us and leading us along the ways of right and truth (Ma'at) constantly seeking the best for we his chosen who are called according to his name. We of the Tribe of Shabazz trace the beginning of our emergence as a distinct people to the early dawn of our civilization when the Lord called our father Harmakhi forth from among his family, from Ur of the Aramawi and Nazar. Establishing his sacred and eternal covenant with our great ancestor and we his descendants forever.

Our Story

The echoes of our ancient past resound with the answer to the timeless query: From whence came these remarkable people?

The origins of the African American People traditionally known as Aramawi and later called Copt, Egyptian, or Gypsy is traced to the creation of Atam, who is the Original Man. Our traditions inform us that our original home was deep in the East part of Africa in the region of the Great Lakes and Rwenzori Mountains frequently referred to as the Mountains of the Moon. Later we are known to have migrated to the land now called the Horn of Africa but known to us as Pwanit. From thence we moved on according to our Sacred Book to the land we were promised by our Lord Amun in the Nile Valley called by us Kemet but presently named Egypt. Similarities in the names of our people and certain institutional\ritual functions and offices corroborate the testimony of our Sacred Book that we are related to the Oromo People of Ethiopia and Kenya. Comparable similarities are known to exist between the Aramawi and other African Nations as well. Nevertheless it is an incontrovertible fact that the Aramawi originate in East Africa, have lived in Northeast Africa for many thousands of years (6,000 - 8,000+), and bear a not too distant relation to the Oromo People by reason of which to distinguish ourselves we called ourselves the Aramawi of Kemet. Our blood and seed has been dispersed and scattered and we have assimilated many individuals of diverse origins but we remain as we were in the beginning, Aramawi.

Prior to the Persian invasion of Egypt, the Aramawi were sovereign in the Nation of Kemet holding power over a territorial area comprising most of the modern State of Egypt. Through the betrayal of foreigners (settlers, mercenary soldiers, missionaries etc.) and the sheer number and size of the enemy armies of conquest, the invaders from Asia and Europe were able to subdue the might of our arms and exercise dominion over our homeland. Through successive changes in oppressors Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs, interrupted by brief attempts at regaining our freedom, we were gradually pushed so far from power that we found ourselves living in semi-slavery as second-class citizens in our own country.

Our final push for freedom justice and equality resulted in such a huge suppression and outright destruction of life and property that most of our people had to flee the country just to save their lives and the lives of their families. Organized in families and clans we were forced to seek shelter and refuge amongst other African Nations some more and some less hospitable. In the end those Nations which showed us hospitality witnessed an increase in prosperity that ushered in a golden age in West Africa but they later also saw themselves attacked by those same Nations which declined to receive us with open arms as their jealousies were provoked by the new found prosperity of our hosts. And as for ourselves, we being caught in the middle of various wars, at once the reason for the prosperity and the reason for the jealousies, found ourselves being seized captive, sold into slavery, and deported along with prisoners of war from diverse Nations to fuel the raging and ever growing conflagration that left Europe in control of the entire African continent, and left us in exile in a land faraway from home, blind deaf and dumb, having no knowledge of who we are nor of our origins in the world.

But be of good hope, for in this time a call goes out and echoes forth from the depths of our collective past: Blood and Seed of the Pharaohs RETURN to your own!

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