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A knowledge of self

"You might ask, who is this Tribe of Shabazz?...We, the Tribe of Shabazz ... were the first to discover the best part of our planet to live on. The rich Nile Valley of Egypt..."
Chapter 18 - Message to the Black Man in America
Original Man ... Know Thyself, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Welcome to TribeofShabazz.Org, the home of the Tribe of Shabazz online. This site is designed with giving you a knowledge of self in mind. We invite you to journey with us as we move forward in our constant search for Freedom, Justice, & Equality... in The Tribe!

The Tribe of Shabazz is comprised of the African People of Aramawi origin who formerly exercised sovereignty over that portion of North Africa called Kemet (now known as Egypt), who were forced into exile in West Africa, and who were later brought in captivity to the wilderness of North America. We are the mighty, the wise, the best, but we did not know it... Until now!

We have assimilated many nations into our bloodline but being the Original People of this planet we retain our racial & ethnic identity and our connection to Kemet our ancestral homeland. If you have Aramawi African ancestry and would like to learn more about this aspect of your culture and heritage and become a part of The Tribe, you are invited to join us. If you are an African American who is unsure of your Aramawi African ancestry but feel a resonance with our vision and mission, you too are invited to get to know us.

There is a place among our noble flock for individuals and families with knowledge of their Aramawi African ancestral heritage as well those who may be unaware, yet have the desire to learn more and to form a positive association. Freedom, Justice and Equality are among the core values that we live by and require of all who would join our ranks. The Tribe of Shabazz extends its arms in fellowship to you and yours. Peace (Hotep)!

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